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Help Us Expand Our Service Area

Help Us Expand Our Service Area

We are always interested in expanding our coverage within our existing and new areas. If you have land and are interested in helping us expand our coverage area, please contact Cirra Networks at 817-259-1102 or email us at

Cirra Networks Expansion Tower Installation – FAQs

How tall will the tower be?

Our towers range from 80 feet to 180 feet. Your ground elevation is the main determining factor in what tower height would be right for Cirra Networks at your location.

Do you use guy wires?

For towers under 100ft, no guy wires are needed, however, taller towers over 100 ft to 180 ft will require guy wires.

What determines how tall a tower is needed?

Your ground elevation is the number one factor along with your surrounding topography and trees. The higher your ground elevation, the better.

How much space do you need on the ground?

It depends on what type of tower we install. For free standing towers up to 100 ft. we only need a 6 ft by 6 ft area. For guyed towers we may need much room as 2/3 of an acre.

How long does it take to install?

There are about three days of prep work needed to prepare the site pad. Once the pad has cured (usually three days), we erect the tower in one to two days.

Are there any other requirements?

We need access to power at the tower site.

What are the lease agreements?

We make a large investment when installing a tower at your location for this reason, we require a long term land lease with options to renew. In exchange for the lease, we provide you with high speed internet service and installation at no charge.

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