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Internet Access Protection Service

Internet Protection Service Plan Information

Sign up for our Internet Protection Service Plan and you will have peace of mind if your equipment ever needs to be replaced or repaired due to damage from storms in our North Texas climate. The Internet Protection Service covers service calls, radio equipment, cable to our radio equipment, and Power Over Ethernet (POE) devices. There are NO limits on service calls or equipment, however, excessive incidences may result in removal from the plan.

Internet Service Protection Plan

Software for Security

For your convenience, we have listed software applications that will give you more peace of mind as you use the internet. From identify theft to computer viruses, being cautious now will pay off later.

Common Security Issues

Cirra Networks sees many diverse security problems however, some are more common than others. Please do review the security issues we see daily software applications.


We are growing our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question not listed, please send an email to